Internal Audit

In the framework of our tasks, we offer support to our customers, by undertaking managerial measures and actions aimed at guaranteeing the control of the financial and operational risks. Those measures and actions are then developped as an action plan in which suitable tools and procedures are introduced in order to ensure an effective financial control.

Prior to the action plan, we generally lead a mission of audit, which can refer to intended target accounts like purchase, expenses, cash, customer accounts, staff, etc..

Furthermore, our intervention can lead to elaborate appropriate manuals and introduce them in the internal procedures. We provide our support in the elaboration of the following manuals types:

  • manual of the accounting methods
  • manual of the internal control
  • manual of the internal audit

In addition, our consulting company applies the professional ethic code. Doing so, we act with professionalism, in order to comply with the quality requirements and deserve the satisfaction of our customers.