Fiscal, social and business-legal Advisory

In addition to the above mentioned services, in an interdisciplinary approach, TCM  offers to its Clients with highly qualified and experienced experts in some specific domains like OHADA ,Taxation procedures, Labor law and OHADA commercial law.

With regard to the actual context and environment in which the taxation law and regulations are permanently evolving and changing, TCM offers to its clients assistance  to solve  social problems and ensure their fiscal monitoring.

In these areas our services cover:

Concerning the tax management:

  • the definition of the local charges and  the tax class the customer is subjected to;
  • the elaboration of the year end fiscal declaration (DSF, value added tax, IS, IRPP etc.);
  • the registration in the social organization and the elaboration of the social month and year end declaration;
  • the support in the edition of the correspondences with the Tax Authorities;
  • the support for fiscal control;
  • the fiscal optimization
  • finding out the fiscal benefits connected with the tax regime

Concerning the Salary Management and the Labor law:

  • the editorship of the work contracts
  • the design and production of the pay slips
  • the calculation of the leave subsidies
  • the social audit.

Concerning the legal matters:

  • the constitution of a society and the choice of its legal form
  • the implementation of the statutory changes in the course of the life of the society
  • the legal office facilities (summoning, minutes, update of the Register, legal formalities etc.)
  • the legal restructuring: Fusion, transmission, splitting.