Finance and Business Management

Consultancy in Finance Matters:

The experience gained by TCM allows us nowadays to provide our customers with tools and techniques which enable them to make a self control in their internal Finance process.

Our experts dedicate themselves daily in back stopping, in order to ensure them the largest financial assistance: This consists in:

  • the elaboration of the Business Plan
  • the elaboration and control of the budget, the analysis of the costs
  • the elaboration of the prospektive financial situations
  • the implementation of a Management Control System
  • the implementation of a cash administration system.

Consultancy in Business Administration

In TCM, we are the opinion that the structure of an organization must suit with its own objectives and strategy. In order to help realize that reality, our experts stay at the sides of our customers and offer them options  such as organizational and structural audit or restructuring procedures for the organization. These tasks aim in particular at determining the strong assets and fix improvement measures within the concerned organization.