Project Design Management

Acting like an Engineering  Consulting Company, our technical office is responsible for making sure that all the internal processes for a construction project run seamlessly. It organizes and manages the design, project documentation, reporting, progress and performance controls, scheduling, tendering and order processing, among others.

The technical office is the most important instrument in the development process of a project, since the idea until the realization. It comprises  a range of highly qualified  experts and consultants , specialized in various sectors such as:  Design, Management and Follow-up in the realization of projects, Quality control, Financial management, etc…

We offer complete or partial services, in accordance with the contract, in particular:

  • Architectural design
  • Technical study/Structural Design
  • M & E Engineering
  • Work Organization /Project planning

Architectural design

Building is a complex process requiring cooperation and coordination. This includes building laws, design development as well as construction drawings up to the technical execution of the project. We apply our know-how at all stages of architectural and interior design in order to find the best solution, both from a technical and an economical point of view. We use our creative potential to strike a balance between appealing, high-quality designs and economic solutions.

Our main focus is to provide construction sites with coordinated and approved plans and designs in due time.

Coordination and continuous communication with the construction site team are the keys to a qualified and up-to-date consultancy in acquisition and execution.

Easy-to-implement and low-risk design details are an integral aspect of our cost reduction strategy.

Efficient design tools (i.e 3D design application) give us a competitive edge and enable us to contribute vitally to the improvement of quality in our design.

Our consultants offer their expertise in all the aspects of architectural studies. TCM ensures the coordination of the design in order to guarantee the success of the work.

Technical Study / Structural Design

Structural Engineering is the backbone of the construction of buildings, bridges and infrastructure in general. Therefore, TCM is provided with a Technical Office in charge of the Design Management. The main goal is to optimize loadbearing structures while adhering to maximum quality standards in order to simplify construction, to choose suitable materials and construction methods and to minimize the costs.

The design of a project consists of 3 major stages: the conceptual design, the preliminary design and the execution or final design.

The execution design highlights all necessary drawings, details and quantities for the realization of the work.

Thanks to the computer resources available at TCM Sarl, in particular the appropriate  software for CAD , we realize the above mentioned stages of design, completely or partially, according to the demand. In particular, we achieve the structural design and calculation,  the development of the preliminary drafts, the detailed drawings and the execution design. Before starting the construction phase, we handle the final static calculations and verifications, in order to ensure a clear implementation on site.

Globally, the Technical Office ensures the following tasks:

–  Prior site investigation, gathering data on the materials, equipment, price, labor, etc.

–  Technical studies: structural calculation, technical development of the project;

–  Reporting: development and diffusion of the project documents;

–  Internal control; Health, Security and Environment HSE, Quality PAQ

–  Assistance in the development/preparation of tender documents;

Our consultants offer their expertise in all the aspects of technical studies. TCM ensures the coordination of the design in order to guarantee the success of the work.

M & E Engineering

Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) engineering makes buildings come to life. We support projects by applying M&E techniques in all phases of the construction.

We intervene in the areas of mechanical systems, electrical engineering, plumbing, cooling system, ventilation, heating, fire protection system as well as renewable energy systems.

The range of service we offer spans from offering advice on individuals issues up to elaborating alternative M&E solutions for energy efficiency and sustainability for smaller or bigger construction projects.

In particular, we propose our expertise in the following fields:

– Comprehensive planning of technical installations

– Renewable energy applied to water supply, warm water, etc..

– Energy saving computation for housing projects

– Market observation, evaluation, procurement and integration of new technologies.

Our consultants offer their expertise in all the aspects of technical studies. TCM ensures the coordination of the design in order to guarantee the success of the work.

Work preparation /Project Planning

Every construction project is unique, and good work preparation is the prerequisite for successful completion.

The work preparation is a major step before the phase of mobilization and starting of the effective execution of the project.

It is an important step during the tendering and execution stages. It mainly contains:

The choice of the processes of work and definition of the construction techniques including the cost estimate, the comparison of alternatives to the profitability of the solutions, workflow scheduling and time planning;

The project planning gives primarily the program or the calendar of work to be carried out. It includes the determination of site requirements, the use of devices, tools and equipments, transport means, etc… It also helps detect possible obstacles.

The project Planning allows defining the workflow and current project status while the project is in progress. The time schedule therefore serves as a steering instrument for the construction process; according to a given stage indicated on the time schedule, it is possible to make further important assertions regarding the project progress. This makes it possible to quickly detect deviations from the planned stage of construction and initiate appropriate steering measures after analysis of the deviations.

The financial planning is established to ensure the forecast of the cash-flow, as a payment plan with indication of deadlines for instalments/invoices, in order to guarantee the financing of the project.

Our consultants are experts in the entire work preparation and project planning scope and can set this planning up in a short time.