Procurement and Logistics

According to the context, the complexity and the geographical location of a project, the necessary materials and equipments for the realization may not be available locally in quality and sufficient quantity, and must be imported out of country. The process of procurement and transport to the site of the project can pose particular challenges to the companies involved.

TCM proposes to organize for its Customers the order, acquisition and the delivery within the times wished, and  even the storage management of materials and equipment on the site.

Within the framework of the follow-up of the supplies during the execution, a particular attention will be focussed on: checking the coherence between the planning of work and the planning of supply,  checking the delivery times, time-critical deliveries, material preparation and storage for transport, means of transport (e.g. air or sea freight), export and import procedures, store management on site, times and storage capacities on site, etc.

Our consultant in that matter has gained a respectful experience as logistics manager within the scope of large-scale international projects.

We are able to organize the procurement process as well as transport logistics, partially or completely in the countries of the Central African subregion.