International Promotion

Central Africa is a part of world certainly in full growth, but also one of neediest as regards to basic infrastructures, in particular in the sectors of construction in general, education, health, energy and creation of jobs.

In this context and thanks to some progressive policies aiming to facilitate the climate of business and to stimulate foreign investments in our sub region, TCM is committed to promoting the assistance and the representation of international companies. In fact, thanks to the expertise we have acquired since 2008 in the domain of company representation, we afford to counselling and accompanying foreign companies which would like to establish in Cameroon or in Central Africa.

We thus propose to carry out for our customers the following services:

Commercial representation of foreign companies

The commercial representation is the suitable solution to discover and evaluate the market of the region of Central Africa.

It makes it possible to appreciate the potential of a market, to recover information on the potential customers and the competitors,  to even initiate the first commercial contacts and appointments, on behalf of the international companies.

Assistance for the international companies in their relationship with the national institutions and with the international organisations located in the country ; in particular:

  • Physical contact with the local institutions and the local partners;
  • Collection of datas, i.e acquisition of the tender documents,
  • Advice on the local procedures, regulations and national laws,
  • Assistance in the process of establishment/creation of a branch: consultancy about the legal connections, legal forms, investments procedures, export, economy, tax rules, labor law, accounting system, administration, Currency transfert, etc.…
  • Support in all stages of establishment and development of the company; we offer the advantage to have locally a person who can carry out commercial issues, make the follow-up or handle and discuss topics, organize appointments with potential customers, on behalf of the client.
  • Headquarter Facilities: Offer of suitable facilities, equipped offices, accommodation etc. Telephone or post office address
  • Translation of documents including specific technical documents: we offer and deliver translated text / documents in the following languages: German, English, Spanish and French.

Market survey:

  we help identify the market trends and needs, locate the consumption area, develop networking with the potential customers, make   prospection and identify the market gaps, help develop lasting and firm business relationship with the local partners, help introduce   new products and technologies


        Travel preparation: Visa organization, letter of invitation,  hotel reservation, transport, rent of meeting and conference rooms;

        Assistance and Support to our Client during meetings with local authorities or potential partners, translation during meetings and


Training: Staff training, integral management directed to international services.