In the area of Management & Finances

  • Accountable and financial management of the construction project of the hotel complex HILTON on behalf of C.H.C (Cameroon Hotels Corporation), Yaounde 1990
  • Studies of rehabilitation and re-equipment of the Mont Febe hotel with 218 rooms (Febe Mount), Yaounde 2007
  • Feasibility study of the development program of the milk & dairy production sector in Cameroon, AFD, CAON 2009
  • Drafting of handbooks of procedures for Cameroonian companies and institutions such as: Cabinet Felix MBA, Université des Montagnes, etc, 2012
  • Commercial representation of a German multinational operating in the sub region of Equatorial Guinea, DYWIDAG 2008 – 2010
  • Installation of countable system OHADA within a rice production company in Cameroon, SEMRY, 2013
  • Introduction and application to the new chart of accounts OHADA within the Administration of the University hospital of Yaounde (CHUY), 2014
  • Feasibility studies and summary preliminary draft of rehabilitation/Modernization works of a complex Wholesale market/ Bus station and Cleansing of the valley of Kanglo in the town of Mbalmayo, CGV ENGINEERING; FEICOM 2018
  • Feasibility studies and of summary preliminary draft of the building works of the bus station of the town of Obala, CGV ENGINEERING; FEICOM 2018

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