Financial Management of Projects

Within the scope of Project management in general,  TCM proposes support in cost and financial estimation to its Customers.
It is important to carry out financial evaluation prior the launching, during the realization and even after the completion of the project.
In close co-operation within its technical staff and its financial experts, TCM Sarl can offer the following:

  • Financial Evaluation of projects
  • Financial arrangement for projects
  • Support for bank financing request for projects

Financial Evaluation of projects

Right in the phase of the studies, the cost estimate constitutes a major success factor; it is a process which leads to  the forecast of the likely costs of a project. Costs are determined using known cost components and can be supplemented using pertinent requests for quotation based on the existing studies, memories, descriptions and quantities resulting from the details and decompositions of the works.

In the event of invitation to tender, the right cost estimate of the bid price represents an essential asset for the selection of the best offer and the choice of the contractor.

In project supervision/construction management, the financial evaluation is a main element for steering projects and guarantee their success . It involves compiling and regularly analyzing the main technical and commercial reports of a project. It aims at comparing in terms of cost, the original target with the actual situation and detect actual deviations, analyze them and take any necessary action.

In the same line, at the end of the project, the financial evaluation makes it possible to know the real costs of the project.

TCM proposes to its Customers an estimate of the front costs, during and even at the end of the project, according to the need.

Financial Arrangement for projects

During the phase of preparation and after the estimation of the probable total cost of the project, TCM Sarl proposes to offer to its customers the service of financial Arrangement for the project. This service aims at presenting an investment program, a financing program and even a forecast of operational overview as a guide that helps to show the profitability of the project and to support a possible request for financing near the  banks.

During the execution period of the project, the investment program plan and the financing program are of a major importance; they are supplied with a calendar which is used as an instrument panel to indicate at the T time  the level of the expenditure and the actual cash-flow.

Support for bank financing request for projects

A request for bank loan requires a maximum of preparation to be admissible. TCM is ready to give support to its customers for the constitution of their bank loan request. This will allow the bank  have a clear idea on the viability of the project, its financial needs, and to judge if the customer is worthy of confidence.

The required documents for a bank loan consist in general of:

  • A financing program indicating the total amount of the investment as well as the schedule of payment of the expenditure, the capacity of self-financing and the amount of the requested loan.
  • An estimated income statement indicating the real possibilities of refunding of the customer, with regards of his income and expenses.
  • An income statement clearly establishing the evolution of the income and the expenses in the time. It helps to appreciate the evolution of the turnover within possible realizable limits, with credible and realistic projections.