Construction Management

In this framework, we create and prepare service descriptions for clients as well as for contractors.

The extensive expertise of our consultants allows us to efficiently prepare  tenders as well as provide support in similar topics.

Tender preparation

The good development of a design and the corresponding technical terms of reference and the tender preparation obey essential professional standards and require extensive expertise.

The aim of tender preparation is to create a solid tender for the provision of a service, submit it to potential clients within the set time period and to be awarded the project by the client. A solid tender requires, on the one hand, a good understanding of the project and the ability to cost it correctly. On the other hand, profit margins need to be defined and possible risks recognized and accounted for. Ultimately, a competitively priced tender should contain as few risks as possible for the entrepreneur providing the service.

TCM offers support to its Clients in:

  • The definition of the terms of reference of a project
  • The preparation of the Invitation-to-tender file
  • The tender preparation and the presentation of the bid

Assistance in contract awarding

The good analyze of the offers and the choice of the right contractor are often the deciding factors for the success of a project.

Thanks to our extensive experience, TCM can provide support to its clients, in any step of the process prior to the launching of the project, i.e:

  • The analysis of the offers and the choice of the right contractor,
  • The redaction of the contract and its awarding,
  • The writing of the contract and the technical prescriptions.

Support for Construction Management / Control and Supervision of works

By our extensive experience in complex construction projects, we are able to accompany and support the process of monitoring and control of the execution of a project, until its completion and its acceptance by the Customer.

Doing this, we ensure that the entire scope of the project is carried out on time, in high quality and cost-efficiently. Therfore, on the daily basis, we also take care:

  • That all the ressources and the appropriated techniques are implemented in accordance with the contract, the code of practice, in the respect of the technical specifications and the observation of quality, time and price.
  • to perceive at the earliest and prevent if possible all kinds of defects that may occur in the execution of the work, in order to repair it at the latest before the hand over,
  • to obtain the required quantities,
  • to note all the events and incidents on the construction site, extra work, etc, in order to avoid any claim or dispute with the Contractor,
  • to compile all the as-built drawings and the results of the quality control in order to keep the memory of what had been carried out,
  • to ensure the regular preparation of the certificates allowing the payment of the Contractor.

Our team of consultants has due qualifications and sufficient experience acquired in many international projects. We offer to defend the interests of the Customer, from the beginning of the project until its end, its hand over and proper functionnality.