Partner Companies



Infrastructure projects.
EG Consult GmbH, was established in 2005 in Switzerland. Its Managing Director was assigned by Dywidag - Strabag Group as Director General for Equatorial Guinea and in charge of the construction of the International Airport Mongomoyen. EG Consult takes pride in its substantial history of more than 40 years and in the extensive expertise of its managing director and partners in the tropical and sub-tropical regions of Africa and Asia comprising studies and supervision of all kinds of infrastructure projects, project development, financing and skilled management training.


Infrastructure projects.
International Project Consultants - INPROCON Gmbh was established in 2007 and is based in Munich Germany. It pursues business in a multitude of countries around the world and maintains subsidiaries in Ethiopia, China, Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Qatar. INPROCON´s outstanding reputation results from its highly qualified, internationally experienced consultants who fully align themselves with their client´s individual needs.


Seamlessly design, study, supervise, coordinate and manage construction projects.
Based in Equatorial Guinea, the consulting teams of INPROCON- EG CONSULT S.L. seamlessly design, study, supervise, coordinate and manage construction projects in compliance with best practice management strategies. Their results-oriented collaborations with international clients, local partners as well as with specialists in the field ensure that each construction project is delivered in a timely manner, within the foreseen budget.


Studies, Management and supervision of projects.
That company is our privileged partner in Cameroon. Based in Yaounde, it is specialized in the Studies, Management and Supervision of projects. CGV ENGINEERING Sarl particularly illustrated itself in the development projects in the decentralized Areas of Cameroon where its teams of consultants offer their technical support to the local and international Institutions committed in various infrastructures projects.