About US

TOP Consulting & Management in abbreviation TCM Sarl, is a consulting company that was created in June 2004.

It was registered as a limited company under the number RC/YAO 01.04.962, in the Cameroon Register of Trade.

TCM Sarl is a global Engineering and Financial Consulting Company for project management in the business and construction sector.

Based in Cameroon, the company is strengthening to extend its activities in all the 6 Central African countries. . Its main objectives are as follows:

i) The promotion of partnership with foreign companies and the dialogue with public or private institutions in the Central African countries;
ii) The appraisal and the exchange of know-how and techniques for an efficient development;

iii)   The promotion of exchange, business and investment in Cameroon and in the region of Central Africa.

Our company TCM Sarl has at its disposal a wide range of experts and consultants whose education, competence and experience assure the control of all the aspects of the various sectors of its activities; This in order to fulfill the requirements of our customers.

TCM’s ambition is to be a reference in helping our clients in managing their project and fulfilling their target.

Identity of the company:

Company:                      Top Consulting & Management
Abbreviation:              T.C.M Ltd
Legal statute:               Limited company
Specialities:                  Consultancy, representation, studies, Project Management, Business Administration, Finances.
Trade Register  NR:  RC/YAO 01.04.962
Taxpayer No.:              M060400017375S